Although Fallen In Love came out in July 2021, it took about a year to get really noticed. Those things sometimes happen...It's very hard to predict how a  song will do. So we just went along, like we always do...

Thanks to all the good work of our promoters, the song went overseas and was plugged on several radiostations. LDM radio (located in New York) nominated it in the category 'Best Reggaesong in 2022'. As a Belgian band, a pretty big deal, since this is a wordwide selection... And guess what...

Yes! We've won the reward! We're very proud of the fact, after all these years, we're still being appreciated! Our gratitude goes to all of you! Check out the video around 1h 17' 30" ...

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Skblasters 2021


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SKYBLASTERS is considered Belgium's all time legendary reggae-band! Back in the 80's and early 90's, this genuine band (formed at Gent) wrote Belgian musical history with the release of their live debut-album (something that hadn't been done before), two succesfull studio-albums, countless live performances and a few tours around Europe. In 1993 the band decided to pull the plug after five intense years. In 2005, after a brief but succesfull reunion tour on request of the fans, it became quiet again.

Up until 2013, when co-founder/drummer Patrick (pdw) De Witte sadly passed away and the remaining core members played acoustic versions at his memoral. It became the start of a new chapter in the bands history. They decided to take it back to the stage in loving memory of their friend (pdw). But not as expected. Drums were replaced by percussion and cajon, amps were banned and guitars came in their acoustic form. Gigs became all about the music in it's most pure and vulnerable format. Surprisingly the power never got lost and again on request of the fans, the band recorded a second live album to celebrate the 30th birthday of the first one, called ACOUSTIC POWER.

And well, as loyal as the band is to the fans, the next request became a new challenge... How about getting the band back together again in it's original shape, the full electric 'dirty dozen' that always has been alive and well....

Missing a few friends/bandmembers who crossed over, but constantly present in their hearts...




It's a question we've heard so many times... Where van we find the original albums? Well, second hand you might have...

But we needed to take care of that one day, and since covid locked us up in 2020-2021, we took the oppurtunity to remaster the albums and make them available on all digital platforms, For example on  Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer.

Johan Engels of Noloxbox, (who already engineered the album 30 Years Live - Acoustic Bootleg Power), analyzed the old recordings and made them sound up-to-date. The digital release makes the songs sound better then ever…

Luc Standaert of Cricket Hill Music, who earlier released the recent singles Just Another Day and Fallen in Love on the label A Music Harbour, made sure the complete collection came together in one profile, SKYBLASTERS (without The) on all important digital platforms. 

As an extra, five previously released singles (but never available digitally either) were added: 'Mano Mundo', 'New Dream', 'Moving People' and 'Sun Is Shining', version 1 and version 2. 


It's been a while ago since we've launched a single... Almost 15 years ago! Well, it happened recently... We dove into the studio with our old time friend Peter Gillis and recorded Just Another Day.

Thanks to Luc Standaert, we had the opportunity to launch it on the label
  A Music Harbour. Things went pretty fast... so we thought: let's get this one on the road, we'll manage to shoot a video later on.

Unfortunately, things went a bit different as planned...
Corona came in and well, the lock-down made it impossible to make a video. Or not? Indeed, we've made something ourselves from a distance... Hope you enjoy! 

Just Another Day - Available on Apple Music/iTunes & Spotify

FALLEN IN LOVE - single 2021

Still in strange times due to covid, we've launched a new single.  It wasreleased on the A Music Harbour label and is available on all platforms.

The song was've nominated for best reggae song on radio

LDM (Music Awards 2021) in New York. We didn't get the award, but beeing nominated in the top 5 of so many band across the globe is pretty impressive too... to say the least. The song lasted the charts for abour 6 months.. We are most defenitly not complaining...